Bradford White Delivers More Than Just Hot Water

Bradford White’s water heaters help your family live in comfort and convenience.

Their products are known for quality, performance, and reliability. Once they’re professionally installed, you can relax knowing you’ll have years of trouble-free operation.

Bradford White is American Strong. From our start over 135 years ago to today, Bradford White’s goal is to deliver high quality, superior products made by American craftspeople. Today we proudly employ over 1,800 people at our American facilities. You can always count on the performance and reliability of our Built to be the Best™ products.

Electric Water Heaters

Bradford White Electric Water Heaters

Electricity powers your home, and now it can heat your water more efficiently than ever before. Bradford White builds advanced technology into our electric water heaters to deliver outstanding performance, efficiency and reliability.

All Bradford White upright electric water heaters include the HydroJet® Total Performance System to reduce costly sediment buildup and Vitraglas® enamel tank lining to give your water heater long life.

Upright Electric Water Heaters

Our line of upright electric water heaters gives you outstanding performance. Our single and double element models come in sizes to fit any household need.

Lowboy Electric Water Heater

Our Lowboy Electric Models allow you to put an electric water heater just about anywhere – even where a conventional upright tank will not fit.

Utility Electric Water Heater

Just the right volume of hot water where demand is not as large or usage is intermittent. Perfect for a separate in-law suite or an unattached living space or work area.

Wall-Hung Water Heater

Short on floor space? Our Wall-Hung Electric Models feature an integrated bracket for wall mounting and have conveniently located water connections on the bottom of the water heater.

Bradford White Gas Water Heaters

You already know gas can be a very efficient form of heat. At Bradford White, we work hard to make our gas water heaters extra efficient with reliable, safe operation.

With Bradford White’s gas water heaters, you’ll save money on energy costs and get all the hot water your family needs.

The Defender

Our most popular residential tank gas water heater lineup – featuring the Defender Safety System® – has proven itself a top pick year after year.

eF Series® High Efficiency

The eF Series® residential power vent water heater is ENERGY STAR® qualified to help you save money on your utility bills while providing all the hot water your family needs.

Power Vent (TTW®)

The Power Vent (TTW®) from Bradford White is not only ENERGY STAR® qualified but also the quietest power vent water heater in the industry, giving you peace and quiet while you save.

Gas Water Heaters
Heat Pump Water Heater

Bradford White Heat Pumps

AeroTherm® Series Heat Pump Water Heaters

Our advanced technology AeroTherm® Series heat pump water heater delivers high efficiency, energy savings and performance for your home.

With four easily selectable operation modes (Heat Pump, Hybrid, Electric, Vacation), the AeroTherm® Series gives you greater control over your water heater’s energy consumption than ever before.

The AeroTherm® Series has expanded to include a 65 gallon model in addition to the 50 and 80 gallon models, giving you the option to pick the perfect size for your needs.

The AeroTherm® Series

The AeroTherm® will save you money on your utility bills and will quickly pay you back for your investment. It qualifies for many utility rebate programs and tax credits and is California Title 24 compliant.

Bradford White Low NOx Water Heaters

Low NOx

Eco-Defender™ models emit 75% less NOx emissions than standard models to help protect our environment – all while maintaining optimal combustion efficiencies and performance.

Our exclusive Defender Safety System® protects against external vapor ignition, ensuring safe operation and peace of mind.

Eco-Defender Series Gas Water Heaters

With a state-of-the-art radiant burner and an advanced control system, the Eco-Defender™ Ultra Low NOx water heaters deliver proven performance while setting the standard for low NOx emissions to protect our environment.

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