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Total home comfort at your fingertips today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Energy-saving technologies and services offered by Ӱ are transforming homes into sanctuaries of comfort. From advancements in personalized temperature control to worry-free electric power via solar and whole-home generators, these innovations not only save energy but also create a haven of well-being, making you right at home every moment, day and night.

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Comfort on demand, savings guaranteed.

Our industry-leading HVAC systems deliver precise home comfort and dramatically reduce utility costs. Precise HVAC zoning directs air only to required areas, using less energy to heat or cool and reducing energy costs by up to 30%. Homeowner-managed thermostat and zoning controls allow different temperatures for different rooms to keep each family member in comfort from floor to floor and room to room. With Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, some of our HVAC systems learn preferences and schedules to save you even more energy and money.

When you purchase an ultra-high-efficiency dual-fuel heat pumps from Ӱ, you’re getting equipment that meets the demand for more use of clean electric power and are designed for even colder temperatures. These pumps provide both heating and cooling and automatically switch to an ultra-high-efficiency 99% AFUE gas furnace during the coldest outdoor temperatures. The efficient variable-speed blower provides precise temperature and humidity control and improves indoor air quality through consistent air filtration, while advanced diagnostics and automated alerts enable easy troubleshooting and maintenance and reduce downtime when service is needed.

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Turn on the future with solar power.

Ӱ can provide boundless energy to you by installing solar power systems, freeing you from power-grid instability, and saving you potentially more than $70,000 over the life of the equipment. You can also receive a tax credit—up to 30% of the system’s installation cost for an immediate payback. Not only can you pay less, solar energy can pay you for providing power back into the energy grid.

More residential solar power is a certainty, not a possibility. Further supporting more reliable and clean energy, we can install the Tesla Powerwall, an integrated whole-home back-up battery charged by the solar panels or the power grid. It uses stored energy to power the home during an outage or when the sun isn’t shining.

Powerwall’s smart technology will optimize for energy independence, outage protection, or savings. The system can be controlled from anywhere with remote access and instant alerts. We can help you lower energy bills and enjoy energy independence, while helping to promote decarbonization efforts.

Water with bubbles

Safeguard your health, protect your pipes.

We can’t live without water, but our health can actually be compromised by the water that comes into our homes. Water can contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful chemicals like chlorine and trihalomethanes (THMs), detrimental when ingested, even increasing the risk of some cancers. Ӱ can equip the Home of the Future to deliver pure water from every faucet with whole-home water purifying equipment that protects homeowners and the plumbing system.

Naturally occurring minerals and added chemicals can damage skin, laundry, and more, while mineral deposits can build up in appliances, shortening their life, and clog pipes, reducing water pressure. Studies show whole-home water filtration not only provides drinking water that’s safer, better smelling and tasting, but also removes chlorine, chloramines, ammonia, benzene, chromium, PCBs, ethylene, THMs, VOCs, and more. No more need for the expense, inconvenience, and environmental impact of bottled water and water delivery when clean, filtered water flows from every tap.

Protect your health and appliances with whole-home water purification by Ӱ, transforming every faucet into a source of clean, safe, and delicious water.

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Air filtration for every breath, in every room.

Focus on our planet’s air quality has moved indoors. Tighter, energy-efficient homes unfortunately have unintended consequences: Reduced outdoor-air ventilation and poor indoor air quality. The US EPA estimates that 50% of illnesses are caused or worsened by indoor pollution from: Chemical vapors from paint and carpet, airborne viruses and bacteria, allergens from pollen, dust, and pets, and increased CO2 levels from occupants. In fact, indoor pollutant levels may be 2-5 times, occasionally more than 100 times, higher than outdoor levels, according to the US EPA.

Ӱ energy recovery ventilators efficiently replaces stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air, bringing comfort with every breath. Our whole-home air filtration systems remove 99.97% of contaminants with hospital-grade filtration. Finally, our UV germicidal lights kill airborne viruses and bacteria on the spot.

Cleaner air benefits your health, protects your systems from corrosion and other contaminants, and reduces energy costs by increasing airflow efficiency. Improving your indoor air quality can save money, reduce energy consumption, lessen asthma and allergy symptoms, and improve quality of life.

Dark neighborhood with one house exhibiting lights on by generator

Weatherproof your well-being.

Home is much more than where you live. It can also be the place where you learn, work, work out and more — so a power failure can create havoc in every part of their lives. We can help our customers’ lives continue uninterrupted with a whole-home standby electric generator.

The supply of electricity can be disrupted by an unstable power grid, weather, falling limbs, equipment failures, damage from animals and accidents, and more. Even solar power can occasionally be interrupted by storms and cloudy days. Ӱ can provide energy resiliency with a permanently installed, whole-home backup generator. Running on natural gas or liquid propane, it is independent of the grid and activated automatically when needed. Sitting outside just like a central air conditioning unit, it is unobtrusive and can provide electricity for the entire home or only essential items. Installing a backup generator gives you the power to keep electrical interruptions out of your lives.

Safeguard your life and lifestyle against every outage with a Ӱ whole-home standby generator, ensuring uninterrupted power for work, play, and everything in between.

Tankless water heater diagram

No more waits, no more waste with instant hot water.

Tankless water heaters are another way the Home of the Future can raise comfort and lower costs. Endless and instantaneous hot water delivered with ultra-high efficiency saves water and energy. Since tankless water heaters only heat water as needed, there’s much less risk of the expensive, damaging leaks tank water heaters can have. Tankless water heaters also require much less space and can be mounted outside for even more convenience.

With the recirculation feature, instantaneous hot water is available at every faucet in the home, saving water normally wasted warming up faucet or bath water. Tankless water heaters —one of many ways we bring you higher comfort and lower costs.

EV charger plugged into Tesla

Recharge your electric vehicle, and your wallet, at home.

Electric vehicles (EVs), growing in popularity, will one day replace the majority of gas automobile and the emissions they produce, with cleaner, less expensive, electric power. EV chargers can recharge your vehicle conveniently at home while the driver sleeps, and electricity rates are low. No trips to the gas station. And no concern over the price of gasoline.

High-performance charging stations in homes will be in high demand. They are durable, easy to use, and safe, with built-in safety features. Like any electric device, plug it in and walk away. Use a mobile app to checking how much time is left on the charge and set customized charging schedules. Save time and money on energy in a way that is affordable, and built around your schedule.

Connected home services

We now deliver a smarter, safer, more efficient home.

Consumer acceptance of smart home systems has already begun with video doorbells, voice-driven Alexa and Google devices, smart door locks, and more. But that’s only a fraction of the control and convenience Ӱ can provide.

Connected thermostats allow users to remotely control or schedule HVAC operation and send alerts for any operating issues.

Water sensors detect leaks from any plumbing fixture and you by text or email. They can also activate the main water valve shut-off to prevent extensive damage from an unchecked leak.

Smart electrical panels optimize energy use and spending, allowing monitoring by mobile or desktop app. They show the power draw on each circuit and allow each to be turned on or off. These panels also allow you to control generators and solar-fueled battery systems remotely, switching circuits at will. And allow them to prevent their backup systems from inadvertently powering the entire house, overworking the generator, or depleting batteries.

With smart homes, we can help you gain more control, and comfort, over where you live with the convenience of full automation.

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