Smart, Programmable Thermostats and the Benefits of Installing One

Are you needing affordable ways to improve home comfort and system performance? Adding a programmable thermostat could be an ideal solution. Upgrading can improve your day-to-day comfort schedule and save on energy costs. If you still haven’t decided, here are more advantages of controlling the heating and cooling with a smart thermostat and expert advice for making the most of this technology.

Comfort and Convenience

Programmable thermostat models are intended for ease of use. Once it’s set up, you won’t have to manually adjust your thermostat over and over again each day. Alternatively, you can set it and forget it. All setback periods in place are balanced with a recovery period, which means your home then warms up or cools down again soon before you get home or get up in the morning without extra effort on your part.

Energy Efficiency Savings

Another obvious reason that justifies programmable thermostat installation is the ability to save energy and money. For the highest possible savings, schedule the desired temperature for different times of the day or days of the week. Don’t forget to build in 8- to 10-degree setback periods overnight or while away from home for saving bills.

Less Wear and Tear

Climate control for an empty home doesn’t just waste energy, it also overstresses delicate or moving parts. Temperature setbacks help provide your HVAC time to rest, helping to extend the system’s life span. Additionally, with less starting and stopping caused by smaller temperature adjustments during the day, you limit system wear and tear, which also means less downtime and fewer repairs.

Settings You Can Lock In

Smart and programmable thermostats also come with screen-locking abilities that help stop unapproved updates to your HVAC preferences, which is handy for large families. Such features ensure your energy-saving schedule isn’t tampered with, keeping your settings untouched and your home comfortable and efficient. 

Industry-Leading Reliability 

Reliable temperature control means a home remains at your desired comfort level all year long. With your preferences programmed for the appropriate times each day, you don’t have to constantly remember to update the settings before you go to work or to bed. Trust the thermostat to remember your preferences to the minute, with an accurate digital readout that eliminates the guesswork that comes with older analog models. Today’s programmable thermostats even include a battery backup for power outages and are less prone to errors than manual models. 

More Smart Features 

Top-of-the-line programmable thermostats have Wi-Fi capabilities. These smart thermostats let you monitor and control the temperature from wherever you are through a mobile app. And by using a home automation platform such as Amazon Alexa or Google Nest, adjusting settings by voice is also possible.

Many of these smart thermostats have learning capabilities too, which means they track your preferences and make adjustments automatically over time for maximum savings and comfort. Feel free to use the generated energy use reports for helping you understand your consumption patterns and find ways to secure more savings.

How to Set Up Your Smart or Programmable Thermostat:

Try out these practical tips to further increase the benefits of installing a programmable thermostat:

  1. Create your ideal programming schedule: When shopping for thermostats, you will see they have several scheduling options. Common options include seven-day programming for unique settings each day. Select the option that best matches your idea of comfort.
  1. Schedule multiple settings at once: The majority of programmable thermostats offer usually four time periods you can use when creating a schedule for different times of day—Wake, Day, Evening and Sleep. Choose the time and temperature you desire for each or omit those you don’t require.
  1. Try not to override settings: Although it’s convenient to override the set temperature when it’s uncomfortable, doing so too often will go against your energy-saving efforts. Consider changing clothes or adjusting the room’s airflow before you adjust the thermostat.
  1. Implement the “permanent” hold appropriately: Typically, overriding the settings means the thermostat will resume its normal schedule once the next preprogrammed time kicks in. That being said, if you’re heading out for a few days, activate the permanent hold to conserve energy by keeping your home at a less comfortable but efficient temperature for as long as you’re gone.

Complete Your Sense of Comfort with Programmable Thermostats

Whenever you’re ready to upgrade to a smart, programmable thermostat, Ӱ Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing would be thrilled to help you in getting started. Our team of certified installers can install the device and show you how to use it. And thanks to our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can trust us for customer service that exceeds your expectations. If you want to know how to experience the difference a programmable thermostat can make, contact us for details about installation.

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